LPAR-21. 21st International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning

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A* proof search, ALC, algebra, automated complexity analysis, automated reasoning3, automated theorem proving2, axiomatization, basic feasible functionals, BBI, blocked clauses2, Boolean Pythagorean Triples problem, bunched calculi, clause elimination, complexity, computational complexity, Confluent Rewrite Relations, connection method, Constrained Horn Clauses, constraint satisfaction, context-free languages, continuation-passing style, Coq, cut elimination, deep inference, deep learning, Description Logic, distributive substructural logics, DRAT proofs, Dunn-Mints calculi, educational logic software, evaluation strategies, first-order logic2, first-order theory, formal proofs, graph reachability, graph rewriting, Gödel logic, Higher-order complexity, higher-order logic2, Higher-Order Modal Logic, Horn Clause Solving, hypersequents, implication problem, inclusion dependency, independence, Independence atom, inductive invariant, infinite lists, interactive theorem proving, interpolation, interpretations, Isabelle/HOL, linear arithmetic, linear logic2, linear nested sequents, Linear Temporal Logic, linearization, logic of bunched implications, logical frameworks, LTL, LTL to automata translation, machine learning, maximum independent set, MELL, Memory Management Unit, memory models, model checking, model expansion, modular systems, monadic fragment, multimodalities, nondeterminism, omega-automata, Operating Systems, Overlapping Rewrite Systems, Parallel Rewriting, Partial Model Checking, Past Operators, Preprocessing, probabilistic programs, program analysis, program verification2, proof assistant, proof automation, proof search, proof theory, propagators, propositional satisfiability, quantitative reasoning, Reasoner, relational logic, relational verification, Resolution Calculus, resource types, SAT, SAT solving, Semantical Embedding, semi-deterministic automata, semiring, separation logic, serious games, software model checking, solvers, soundness, Stateflow, structural rules, superposition, tableaux, term rewriting, theorem proving2, Tractable classes, Translation Lookaside Buffer, type theory, Unbounded Model Checking, uniformity