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Design Evaluation of Early WESIHAT3.0 Prototype for Older Adults

EasyChair Preprint no. 5435

5 pagesDate: April 30, 2021


User Experience (UX) is needed to assess the usability of products or applications, important uses in the interaction between humans and computers (HCI). These uses include satisfaction of use, efficiency and effectiveness. A good and acceptable design of an application is also important especially when it relate to elderly with impairment. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the perceive acceptance and usability of healthcare application named WESIHAT mobile app among the elderly. We conduct a survey using System Usability Scale (SUS) among the elderly to get initial feedback on the prototype before we further refined it. 10 elderly participants aged over 50 years were recruited for this purpose to investigate the acceptance of our propose interfaces and the feedback from participants will be used to refined the design. Results from SUS have a score of 66.00 and some refinement and recommendations were listed out for improvement. Respondents agree that the App is easy to use, but there are some parts that are considered too complicated for the elderly.

Keyphrases: Design for Elderly, System Usability Scale, Usability

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