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Real Time Occupancy Monitoring System

EasyChair Preprint no. 3344

4 pagesDate: May 7, 2020


People observation and counting is of interest in many commercial and non-commercial scenarios. The number of people entering and leaving the compartments, the occupancy of train compartments or the passenger count of commuter provide useful information to the metro authorities and the commuters. To this end, this thesis develops a distributed people counting system using raspberry pi with OpenCV. A Real Time Occupancy Monitoring System is a system used to count the number of commuters walking through a door or corridor of the metro trains. 

The availability of free space in public transport is an important factor for a traveller to decide for using public transport for him/her to travel or not. Addressing the regional train network as well as the metro train operators by developing a system for detecting free space just in time and present this information at the smartphone or website to the commuters while a train is approaching the station. This provides information about the number of a person in different coaches of the Metro train. This application offers information services based on how much of the space is available.

Keyphrases: camera module, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi

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