SCSS 2017. The 8th International Symposium on Symbolic Computation in Software Science 2017

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access control2, Access Control Policy, approximation, Asynchronous testing, completeness, component-based software engineering, computational origami, Controlled rewrite system, correct-by-construction, distributed algorithm, dynamic logic, enumeration problem, Euclidean geometry, Event-B, expression problem, FDD, Feature-Oriented Programming, Firewall, formal analysis, Formal Verification and Validation, Fuzzy Extractor, geometric modeling, Higher dimensional geometry, Hoare logic, Information Systems Security, Local computations, mathematical origami, Misconfiguration, Mobile Social Networks, multi-threading, parallel model checking, predicate logic, Prefix-constrained rewrite system, Privacy, program verification, proximity, Risk, risk assessment2, risk management, runtime verification, social profile, soundness, space complexity, Stream Monitoring, symbolic reachability, Synchronous testing, term rewriting, termination, test generation