LPAR-17-short. short papers for 17th International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial intelligence, and Reasoning.

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AC-completion, admissible rules, Answer Set Programming, Argumentation, associativity and commutativity, axiom, BCI logic, clause elimination, computational complexity2, contraction-free logics, counterexample generation, decision procedure, dialogical logic2, dialogue game2, dynamics, feasibility, gradualness, Gödel logic, heuristic, higher-order logic, interactive theorem proving, intuitionistic logic, local deduction theorems, logical omniscience, model finding, non-monotonic logic, non-monotonic reasoning, non-recursiveness, object-oriented programming, proof theory, puzzle, Reasoning about actions and change, ring operator, SAT, SAT preprocessing, satisfiability checking, Shostak theories, simplification, SMT solvers, stochastic search, Sudoku, t-norm logics, web mathematics, Łukasiewicz logic