GCAI 2017. 3rd Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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aggregating semantics, Artificial Neural Networks2, automata, automated reasoning, automated theorem proving, Bio-inspired, blood transfusion, Branch and Bound, Bridge variables, cardinality constraints, CDCL, centrality, community structure, completeness, complexity, conditional preservation, consistency, constraint satisfaction, Copeland Election, Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolutionary Strategy, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Description Logics, dynamic kick, Evaluation and Analysis, explainable model, first-order logic, generalization, Genetic Algorithms, Herbrand structures, heuristic search, hierarchical abstraction, incremental learning algorithm, independence results, Industrial Formulas, Iterated Belief Change, Iterated contraction, kick trajectory, knowledge bases, local to global inference, machine learning2, Memory Efficient Search, Memory-bounded Search, Multilayer Perceptron2, object recognition, Ontologies, Parameters Learning, prediction, principle of maximum entropy, Probabilistic Description Logic, problem solving, proving strategy, query answering, randomised heuristic, ranking functions, relational probabilistic conditionals, robot kick, robot navigation, saliency map, Scheduling, second-order constraints, Secrecy-Preserving Reasoning, sequent-based proof systems, Smart Cities, SMT, strategy invention, Substitutability, Support Vector Machine, Swarm Intelligence, swarm robotics, typed lambda calculus, VSIDS