GCAI-2018. 4th Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence

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Agreement Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, attack graph, Automated Planning, Bayesian networks, bilevel optimisation, Business Process Diagrams, CAPTCHAs, causality, common sense reasoning, Constraint Programming, constraint satisfaction, Constraints and uncertainty, contingent planning, coreference resolution2, critical complexity region, Cyber Security, Decision Tree, deep learning, Dependable Robots, Description Logic, Description Logics2, difference, distributed planning, dynamic programming, ethics, ethics and AI, evolutionary algorithm, Experimental Methodology/Replicability, Explainable AI, FL0, Gradient Boosting Machine, Historical Gradient, human-robot interaction2, interpretability2, Iron ore railway network, knowledge representation, Knowledge-based Learning, Language and Vision, learning from raw data, least common subsumer, logical difference, machine bias, machine learning, Markov Decision Processes, mobile service robots, multi-agent planning, multi-armed bandit, Natural Language Processing, network interdiction, neural networks, NLP Applications and Tools, normative systems, Ontology modularity, Pentesting, planning graph, Planning under uncertainty2, POMDPs, Probabilistic Planning, Real-time optimisation, replaceability, responsible technologies, robot learning, robot planning, Sequential Decision Making, service robot, state space search, Substitutability, subsumption, transition model learning, tree automata, Winograd Schema Challenge2, WSC as a CAPTCHA, WSC Sentence Hardness