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IOT Based LPG Leakage Detection System With Prevention Compensation

EasyChair Preprint no. 3917

8 pagesDate: July 21, 2020


To provide safety apparatus for the use of LPG gas connections in common households and industries against hazardous conditions such as Gas Leak, Fire and Explosion of compressed gas Cylinders. Our aim of this research is to give security to all the people around the world from LP gas leakage by equipping them with an economical and effective alarming system which not only can detect this menace threat but also can automatically control it by its safety line of action. The module consists of a gas sensor MQ6 which has a high sensitivity to gases such as propane and butane which in combination constitute the LPG. The aim behind our research is to implement a mechanism by automatically disabling the gas supply from the source as soon as the gas leakage is perceived, followed by the closure of Regulator valve along with triggering an sounding alarm and alerted Wi-Fi display that too without any manual dependence.

Keyphrases: Gas Leakage, gas sensor, Liquid petroleum gas, Servo motor, WiFi module

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