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Engineering Aspects on Corona Pandemic 2019- 2022

EasyChair Preprint no. 5493

10 pagesDate: May 11, 2021


A new disease has brought havoc to the whole world.  And that is Corona (COVID-19). By the end of 2019, Corona spread all over the world and in many economically powerful countries like USA, England, Russia, European countries and India, lockdown situation was created.  This lockdown has affected industrial , transport, tourism, economy and many other areas. In this article, we will consider the industrial sector and plan solutions.  Corona virus is a  infectious  and contagious disease that spreads rapidly. Lockdown is an important preventive measure to prevent this. Accordingly, the whole world followed it and became a lockdown.  The Corona's second episode has arrived. But this time the result is a deeper and more deadly solvent than before. It is infecting millions of people every day. And the death rate is changing every day. In the financial year 2021-2022 and  As the corona virus becomes more contagious and more  infectious by the year 2020-21, it is time to return to Lockdown. In this article, we will study the impact on the industrial sector from an engineering point of view and try to preview and remedy it, suggest measures for management in the industrial sector, planning.  Proper planning and management of this subdivision will reduce the prevalence of corona (COVID-19) in the industrial sector.

Keyphrases: Corona, COVID-19, Industries, Lockdown, Manufacturing, Pandemic, Plan, review

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