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Synchronous Framework Extended for Complex Intersections

EasyChair Preprint no. 6183, version 2

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3 pagesDate: February 22, 2022


Intelligent intersection management systems are an integral part of Smart Cities and have a profound impact in urban traffic management. In a previous work, the authors proposed a specific Intelligent Intersection Management Architecture (IIMA) with the associated Synchronous Intersection Management Protocol (SIMP) for simple single-lane isolated intersections that outperformed other competing protocols in throughput, time loss and polluting emissions. IIMA/SIMP supports both autonomous and human-driven vehicles. This paper extends such work to more complex multi-lane intersections, comparing against traditional and intelligent intersection management approaches. Simulation results achieved with SUMO confirm the advantages of IIMA/SIMP even in complex intersections, improving throughput, average speed, waiting time, trip time loss, and associated fuel consumption.

Keyphrases: average travel time loss, Complex intersections, Complex Intersections., complex multi lane intersection, Intelligent Intersection Management, intelligent intersection management architecture, Intelligent Transportation System, Intersection management, intersection throughput, Smart Cities, synchronous intersection management protocol, Time Loss

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