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Applied M-Commerce Analytics for Sales and Marketing

EasyChair Preprint no. 459

7 pagesDate: August 26, 2018


In this cutting-edge era, individuals and organizations are using the web to get information. Information that is im-portant to make a business or an organization effective. Online business refers to the process of purchasing and selling items or services over the Internet. Web-based shopping is becoming progressively well-known due to speed and convenience for customers[1]Small businesses that are thinking about buying or selling on the web will discover a useful resource for help in distinguishing and choosing fitting web-based business options.[a]The retail E-commerce market keeps on benefiting from positive economic trends and sustained customer enthusiasm for online shopping. The increasing popularity of mobile devices and availability of smartphones in recent years has attracted the attention of consumers. The growth shopping using mobile has placed mobile retailers at consumers’ fingertips, and allowed mobile phone users to shop anywhere, anytime directly from their mobile this emergence is causing another revolution in the commercial environment known as m-commerce [2]. [3]Using agile method development, the objectives of this study is to produce an Online Store for PC Masters. This system serves as a plat-form for online marketing, advertising and sales analysis using Business Intelligence and is used for planning and analysis. It served as a guide for decision-making and increase effectiveness and efficiency of PC Master's services

Keyphrases: Agile Method, Business Intelligence, M-commerce, online shopping

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