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Introducing Motherboard Components Using Virtual Reality Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 6515

8 pagesDate: September 1, 2021


The study aims to introduce the main component of computers, the main component of the computer, and the sockets where these components need to be installed, firstly to secondary school, high school, and university students and then to every user who installs the application by using virtual reality technology. With the online publication and use of the application, the motherboard that needs to be learned, which will be shown to the application, but not available and only photographed, is recognized and all components on the motherboard will be learned. In addition, by showing the sockets where the components need to be installed, anyone with the application will be able to easily remove and reattach all components in their computer. The application was carried out using the 3DQR program because it allows the visuals to be displayed and processed in 3 dimensions. In the written article, virtual reality technology will be mentioned, then 3DQR Studio software will be introduced in the application used in the application and will be finalized by explaining it with the visuals presented.

Keyphrases: Education, Motherboard, Motherboard Components, reality, Technology, virtual

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