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The Impact of Phubbing On Generation Z Social Interaction

EasyChair Preprint no. 6133

7 pagesDate: July 22, 2021


The invention of smartphones as a form of advancement in communication and information technology gave rise to a behaviour called phubbing. Phubbing is a smartphone- focused attitude that ignores the interlocutor. This study aims to know in-depth the impact of phubbing in social interaction on generation Z. The type of research used is descriptive studies with qualitative approaches. Data collection methods are conducted by interviewing, observation, and documentation. The informant in this study is a student of the Communication Science class of 2018. This study uses the theory of Media Dependence (Media Dependency). This theory sees the audience's dependence on the media, where the audience has different degrees of dependence ranging from individuals, groups, and even cultures. The higher the dependence on the media, the greater the influence of such communication. The results showed that impacts of phubbing in generation Z social interactions include: Miss Communications, decreased value in the message conveyed by the communicator, decreased quality in relationships, social exclusion, becoming a topic among students, decreased empathy towards the interlocutor, losing information during the ongoing coversation, and wasting time during the assignment completion.

Keyphrases: Generation Z, Phubbing, Smartphone, social interaction

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