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A Systematic Review on the Current Trends of Education and Pedagogy in the Human and Social Studies (HSS)

EasyChair Preprint no. 11603

18 pagesDate: December 21, 2023


The landscape of education in Human and Social Studies (HSS) is constantly evolving, driven by shifting societal needs, technological advancements, and pedagogical innovations. This review aims to capture and analyse the current trends in HSS education and pedagogy, providing a comprehensive overview of promising practices and emerging challenges. Methods: PRISMA guidelines were followed for the systematic review. Searches were conducted using relevant keywords related to HSS education and pedagogy. Studies published within the past five years (2001–2023) were included, focusing on primary, secondary, and higher education levels. Identifying key trends was undertaken after screening and quality assessment. Results: The review identified five major trends shaping HSS education and pedagogy: 1) Shifting from knowledge transmission to skill development; 2) Embracing technology 3) Interdisciplinary and global awareness 4) Learn and grow socially and emotionally 5) Teacher development and support. Discussion: The review highlights the promising potential of these trends to make HSS education more relevant, engaging, and effective for students in the 21st century. However, challenges remain, such as navigating technological barriers, ensuring equitable access, and developing robust measures for assessing crucial skills. The review concludes by providing recommendations for future research and practice to strengthen HSS education and advance positive outcomes for all learners.

Keyphrases: critical thinking, human and social studies education, interdisciplinary, pedagogy, Social Emotional Learning, teacher development, Technology, trends

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