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A Mathematical Model of Ideas Transmission

EasyChair Preprint no. 10409

13 pagesDate: June 16, 2023


Public conversations are increasingly taking place on social networks
due to the emergence of new communication channels. These pub- lic transactional spaces are deeply embedded in our culture and, at the same time, are sensitive sensors of human behavior and collective emotions. As a result, the transmission of ideas is relatively fast. It can be used for good and evil and poses one of the greatest threats to society as it can disrupt financial, political, and economic mar- kets. Several mathematical models based on epidemiological models have been constructed to understand this complex transmission pro- cess, which is mainly influenced by psychosocial factors. In this study, we propose a new paradigm for the diffusion of ideas that accounts for various variations in social network membership categories. With this new model, we describe the allowed equilibrium state, the primary conditions for its stability, and the stability parameters of the model.

Keyphrases: Epidemiological, human behavior, sociopsychological, stability, transmission

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