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Reverse Logistics Applied to Packaging and Its Contributions to Reducing the Incorrect Disposal

EasyChair Preprint no. 13698

8 pagesDate: June 18, 2024


This study addresses customer perceptions of reverse packaging logistics in a Brazilian company in the production and marketing sector of animal nutrition supplements and the challenges faced by the company's management. Carried out in Paraná (Brazil), the research involved a questionnaire for 65 customers and an interview with the company's production manager. The main challenges identified include the cost of correct disposal, the lack of nearby collection points, and the lack of standardization for disposal. Although awareness about sustainable practices grows, many customers still dispose of some waste incorrectly. Most respondents expressed interest in receiving more guidance on reverse logistics, indicating a willingness to adopt more sustainable practices. However, the company currently does not have direct actions to encourage the correct disposal of packaging by end customers, limiting itself to complying with government regulations. This fact neutralizes its position about developing internal sustainable practices, which could bring benefits such as cost reduction and improving logistics processes.

Keyphrases: case study, packing, Reverse Logistics, Sustainable Operations, waste management

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