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Mechanical Behavior of Sandwich Structures: Numerical Simulation

EasyChair Preprint no. 2133

4 pagesDate: December 10, 2019


The main objective of our study is to determine the frequencies and the deformations proper by the finite element method, using the code implemented in ANSYS software, this numerical investigation by the finite element method was carried out for two types of Sandwich materials such as aluminum and mild steel, with boundary conditions: embedding, free, free, free (ELLL) in order to determine the modal parameters of composite plates such as frequencies as well as clean deformations. The results obtained show that the increase of the rigidities of the materials and increases with the increase of the rank of the mode and consequently the increase of the eigenfrequencies. For this purpose the comparison of the characteristics of the sandwiches are carried out on the first modes of vibration which are the most important

Keyphrases: ANSYS, Deformity, eigenfrequencies, finite element method, Sandwich materials

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