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Implement a Model for Wind Turbine Water Pumping System based on Matlab Simulink

EasyChair Preprint no. 4296

13 pagesDate: September 29, 2020


Wind turbine technology has brought a milestone revolution in water pumping, especially in remote regions where electricity is absent This paper describes the requirement, design, and validation of a wind turbine-water pumping system for remote areas where there is a lack of electricity.  A system of wind turbine–water pumping system has been studied, modeled, and simulated by Matlab-Simulink. The simulation supposes that a 1.2 kW wind turbine generates electric power; which is converted to DC power by using a full-wave rectifier. A rechargeable battery is used when the wind speed is below the cut-in-speed of the selected wind turbine and connected to the system in order to store and transfer the power to a DC motor, which used to drive a 1.5hp pump. A switching circuit consists of two relays and a logic gate used to control the flow of the required power. The simulation results illustrate that the pump water rate values are various according to the charge level of the rechargeable battery. Increasing the battery size extends the water pump period as well.

Keyphrases: Battery, MATLAB Simulink, rectifier, Water pumping system, wind turbine

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