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Data Analysis on Covid-19

EasyChair Preprint no. 5058

6 pagesDate: February 27, 2021


The spread of COVID-19 across many parts of the world is an issue of concern for all government units of the world. India is also facing this very dark time and trying to control the spread and has managed to control its growth rate through some strict precautions. The source of data has been gathered from multiple sources and many other certified websites. The need of humanity in this dark time is to predict the future accurately by telling when number will reach its peak and when it will decrease. The help has been provided to the public welfare professionals to accommodate preventive measures by keeping the economy of the country in balance. Identities such as sex, longitudes and latitudes, age factor, etc. have been represented using R, data visualization techniques. Covid-19 analysis is the process of investigating number of people suffering from this on the basis of collection of data on growth rate through the use of networks. What we are trying to do in this project is that we are going to import an already given data in the form of a CSV file and then visualize it constantly at every step using an R package known as which is a library collection for covid19 data function and it will show the deaths recovered latitude and longitude and various details of that place. We also use different libraries in this like dplyrand prophet and many more We will have time series Forecasting techniques and we will analyzing the summary reports of different countries in same time period which includes death rate, growth rate, recovered and comparison and analysis of this data has been done in order to understand the best suitable model data analysis.

Keyphrases: COVID-19 Analysis,, dplyr, forecasting techniques and regressions, Prophet., time series

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