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Enable Security and Privacy to PHR with Access Control in Cloud Computing

EasyChair Preprint no. 2723

5 pagesDate: February 20, 2020


Abstract- The researchers have given top priority for data security for well and smooth transmission of data over network by application of encryption strategies along with actual data. In this paper, the need to secure the data for patient monitoring by using AES and MD5 algorithms. In the field of modern healthcare environment, automation has emerged to be more necessary to preserve data for future needs the facts about employers (doctors), employees (staffs) and customer (patients). Hence doctors in need of such a stored voluminous information’s about a particular person and securely share to patient on need. The clinical and other facts about a person is indeed to be private (trust worthy) and should not be revealed by any other private identity. In order to prevent issues like breaches and malware attacks on cloud, this innovative scheme helps in high level security to safeguard the files or reports that are stored on the cloud. Medical data is a central part of diagnostics in healthcare information systems nowadays. An aim is to not only privacy but also system’s scheme try to make modification of access policies or file attributes, and break-glass access under emergency situations. The paper proposes Extensive analysis and experimental results on hospital staff management and patient records with help of some cluster technique also security and efficiency of PHR is main concern

Keyphrases: Access Policies, Cloud Computing, Encryption, medical record, PHR, Privacy

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