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Information Communication Technology: Opportunity and Challenges in Pharmacy During COVID-19

EasyChair Preprint no. 4166

13 pagesDate: September 10, 2020


There has been a tremendous rise of using information communication technology (ICT) such as computers and telecommunication equipments worldwide. In pharmaceutical sector, information technology is focused on the optimal use of drug information, data, knowledge, for problem solving, promote safe pharmaceutical care. During COVID-19 pandemic, there has been augmentation in information communication technology usage in pharmacy teaching, research, industrialized training sector including clinical research as well. Clinical trials in clinical research are being managed by clinical trial management system in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Clinical trial management systems are cost and time effective and software includes budgeting, patient management, compliance with government regulations, project management, financials, patient management and recruitment, investigator management, regulatory compliance and compatibility with other systems such as electronic data capture and adverse event reporting systems. Clinical trial management system allows easy access to centralized data to reduce the number of delayed trials and helpful in present scenario. ICT help in industries to enhance efficacy and quality of drugs and product production. Information and communication technologies help industries in maintaining records more efficiently with increased accessibility, customer services and customer interaction. In the present paper, we have discussed the applications of ICT in teaching, research and pharmaceutical sector during and after COVID-19 pandemic.

Keyphrases: Clinical, communication, Pandemic, Pharmaceuticals, research, teaching

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