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Intelligent Proactive Maintenance Based on an Optimized Fuzzy Logic Model for Machine State Diagnosis

EasyChair Preprint no. 8660

8 pagesDate: August 11, 2022


Failure Mode and Effect Critical Analysis} (FMECA) method traditionally attempt to identify potential modes and treat failures before they occur based on experts' evaluation. However, this method is extremely cost-intensive in terms of failure mode since it evaluates each failure mode. Moreover, this method is not able to properly treat uncertainty during logical reasoning as it is based on subjective expert judgments and requires a lot of information. Previous studies propose several versions of Fuzzy logic but have not explicitly focused on the combinatorial complexity nor justified the choice of membership function in Fuzzy logic modeling. In this research, we develop an optimization-based approach-referred to \emph{Integrating Truth Table and Fuzzy Logic Model (ITTFLM)}-generates smartly fuzzy logic rules using Truth Tables. This approach allows generating quickly and smartly fuzzy rules by assuring consistency and non-redundancy through logical evaluation. We propose to implement ITTFLM for three types of membership functions (Triangular, Trapezoidal, and Gaussian) to choose the best function that fits our real data. The ITTFLM was tested on fan data collected in real time from plant machinery. The experimental evaluation demonstrates that our model identifies the failure states with more accurate results and can deal with large numbers of rules and thus meets the real-time constraints that impact usually user experience. Future research is expected to expand the size of data in terms of metrics and compare it with other models.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, combinatorial complexity, data, FMECA, Fuzzy Logic, knowledge, real-time, Truth table

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