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Virtual Mouse Using Hand Gesture

EasyChair Preprint no. 13263

6 pagesDate: May 13, 2024


In human-computer interaction, virtual mouse implemented with fingertip recognition and hand gesture tracking based on image in a live video is one of the studies. It is used to control the movement of the mouse pointer on the computer screen, and the other actions such as mouse move, clicks, scroll, zoom, screenshot, etc. The paper proposes a method for controlling a virtual mouse using fingertip identification and hand gesture recognition. The study introduces two approaches for tracking fingers: one involves using colour caps, and the other utilizes hand gesture detection. The process comprises three main steps: finger detection, hand gesture tracking, and implementing the tracking results on an on-screen cursor. In this research, hand gesture tracking is achieved by detecting the contour of the hand and creating a convex hull around it. Overall, this project presents an innovative approach to control the computer mouse pointer using hand gestures, which can have potential application in various fields, including virtual reality, gamming and accessibility technology.

Keyphrases: Finger Tracking, Hand Gesture Recognition, image processing, Virtual Mouse

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