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APNA BAZAAR E-Commerce Mobile Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 5677

8 pagesDate: June 3, 2021


Over the earlier years, online business has gotten standard. In Morocco, the lifestyle of the online business is, continuously, kicking in. More than that, there is a smooth move to using mobile phones for shopping. Accordingly, "APNA BAZAR", which is a material shop arranged in Delhi, picked to stretch out their business open up to the online market through an electronic business structure. This will get new clients from wherever in India to use their structure. This endeavour, from the outset, starting in the Database Systems course, where a work zone application was created for the organization of the database. A web application was in like manner advanced as an interface for the online business.

This online business project started with the arrangement of a more current backend, informational collection with a web application that is synchronized with the flexible application's database to be executed. From there on, the electronic shopping stage was executed as a flexible application.

The objective of this endeavour is to have an aggregate, reliable, and remarkable online business structure that is needed to be an extra motivator for the association.

Keyphrases: Android Application, Android Studio, discounts, e-commerce, home delivery, online shopping

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