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Live Text Translator Application-Convert Text Live Using Camera

EasyChair Preprint no. 5343

6 pagesDate: April 18, 2021


There are a huge number of dialects on the planet. Despite the fact that English is the most well known business language, just around a fifth of the total populace can communicate in English, in addition, individuals consistently want to utilize their language. Henceforth, interpretation is significant for progressions in writing, innovation, and worldwide governmental issues. In this proposed work, we have made an application that can be utilized to take pictures of text in the paper, screen, billboards, or anyplace and the application will decipher the content not too far off. The objective is to have the option to see any content in any language and interpret it progressively to some other language of inclination. To accomplish this, we have utilized Android as my favored stage as it is a broadly utilized portable OS around the world. We have additionally utilized many open-source activities to assist us with accomplishing our objective, for example, ML Firebase pack Tesseract Leptonica for picture calculation, google- API-mean decipher the perceived content. We can perceive text from printed papers or screens and make an interpretation of them into any language of inclination. The precision in perceiving transcribed content is low and needs extra work. The proposed work has an extension to be utilized by outwardly hindered to perceive the content from anyplace and read the made an interpretation of text to them.

Keyphrases: capture activity, language, text recognition, translated text, translation

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