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An Efficient Framework for Text Document Security and Privacy

EasyChair Preprint no. 4214

11 pagesDate: September 19, 2020


Nowadays, with the help of advanced technologies, an illegal copy of digital contents can be shared easily. Which rise copyright and authentication problems. Digital text documents are generated and shared daily through different internet technologies such as the cloud, etc. The protection of these documents is a challenging task for researchers. In the past, steganography, cryptography, and watermarking techniques have been applied to resolve the copyright problem. However, most of the existing techniques are applicable for only plain text or protecting the document on the local paradigm. In the said perspective, we proposed a new technique to solve the problem of copyright and authentication on local and cloud paradigms. In this paper, we utilize some custom components of MS Word document for concealing the watermark into a text document. These components are not referred to as the main document and will not modify the content and format. The experimental analysis and results prove that the proposed method improves the watermark capacity, imperceptible and robust against formatting attacks.

Keyphrases: Cryptography, Digital Watermarking, document security, protection, Steganography

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