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Software Metrics Proposal for Conformity Checking of Class Diagram to SOLID Design Principles

EasyChair Preprint no. 508

6 pagesDate: September 18, 2018


Software design quality are the most important thing at this time to compete with the rapid development of technology. One of quality factor is the ability of software to be maintained. To produce quality, measurement at the design stage is the way to achieve it. The SOLID Design Principles is one of the object-oriented design guidelines to meet software quality factors to be more easily understood, more flexible, easy to maintain, and testable. The method used in this study is to analyze the relationship between the concepts of SOLID principles with class diagram metrics, the metrics for each principle are produced and the measurement techniques for class diagrams.  Proposed metrics for SRP is VSRP (Value of SRP) as well as other principles: OCP - VOCP (Value of OCP), LSP - VLSP (Value of LSP), ISP - VISP (Value of ISP) and DIP - VDIP (Value of DIP). Metric validation is done by using 15 class diagrams from 7 software applications. The metric result is searched for correlation with the results by experts using Spearman’s Rank Correlation. From the validation, it was found that 4 metrics have a strong, significant and unidirectional correlation. SRP’s Metrics is a weak and insignificant correlate metric. We also found from the validation that there are correlation between metrics, that are between SRP Metrics with LSP Metrics, and LSP with ISP Metrics. The correlation shows that when the value of one metrics increases, the other metrics also rise.  In this paper we develop Metrics to measure the conformity of class diagram to SOLID principles. The aim of this work is to help developers so that they can be re-checked and prevented as early as possible so as to minimize errors at the next stage of development.

Keyphrases: class diagrams, metrics, object-oriented, SOLID principles

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