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Health Tourism Monitor System Model

EasyChair Preprint no. 8066

9 pagesDate: May 24, 2022


Smart Cities are evolving in a rapid way and the fields of actuation are normally: Energy, Transport, Home Automation and Weather. In this research we address a particular component of Smart Cities, the Smart Tourism and in the tourism a particular branch, the Health and Wellness Tourism. We propose as an exploratory study based on design science research with two iterations: lab experiment, presented here and has future work the real context experiment, a vital signs monitoring system for smart health tourism that allows the tourist to visit to local interest points without neglect the health treatments and medical monitoring. Thus, the system operates inside and outside health facilities in order to be possible to get the vital signs of the health tourist. Since the data will be acquired outside health facilities an information security risk assessment was made and the security measures were promoted. The system is composed by many technologies, such as: smartwatch, raspberry pi, wireless sensor networks, among others and software. The vital signs acquired are Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Beat, Blood Oxygen level and, finally, the accelerometer will be used to detect falls. Beside this an adaptive artificial intelligence system will be used to predict health problems of the health tourist.

Keyphrases: Health and Wellness Tourism, Smart Cities, Smart Tourism

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