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Smart Patient

EasyChair Preprint no. 3317

5 pagesDate: May 2, 2020


This proposal is entitled as "Smart patient" is creating utilizing .Net framework, ASP.Net as front end, C# because coding language and SQL Server because the back end. JavaScript is be utilized for approval reason. If there should arise an event of web mining   Ajax  2.0  can be utilized because the customer server apparatus. Right now, expect to create attribute based encryption (ABE) increasingly reasonable for get to control to information put away in the cloud. For this reason, we focus on providing for the scrambled full power over the entrance rights, giving feasible key management even if there should be an occurrence of various free authorities, and empowering feasible client denial, which is fundamental by and by. Ongoing patterns show a move from  utilizing  organizations  own  server  to outsourcing data storage to service providers .Other than cost investment funds, which drives us to the need of encryption. Customary cryptosystems were intended to secretly encode information to an objective beneficiary and this appears to confine the scope of chances and adaptability offered by nature. All the exhibition and key quality has been determined by the user key denial strategies. At whatever point the on-screen actor characteristic has been changed the key will get update itself immediately or demand from the administrator. This is a cyclic procedure occurring during each change

Keyphrases: ASP.NET, C#, Cloud, Data log, distributed system, Doctor, Encryption, medicine, Nurse, Patient, SQL

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