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Amazon Biology: An Augmented Reality-Based E-Book for Biology

EasyChair Preprint no. 4412

6 pagesDate: October 17, 2020


Biology is a difficult subject to learn for both high school and college students due to its complexity. Students are used to learning Biology from various methods such as reading textbooks, attending lectures, viewing images, etc.  Biology is based on more practical and almost all the schools do not have proper lab facilities, anatomic structures, and resources to learn the module easily and perfectly. On the other hand, teachers who teach the module also faced a considerable number of issues when delivering the concepts. Some of them are unavailability of teaching aids, time-consuming, lack of lecture materials, etc. Apart from that, the nature of the topic and the teaching style are the main learning problems faced by the students. Therefore, students do not learn the concepts perfectly and interest in the module has been reduced day by day. To overcome these difficulties “Amazon Biology,” mobile application has been proposed. The application consists of three major modules including image processing for the plant classification, augmented reality for human anatomy, and gamification. The proposed application has been used the techniques in augmented reality and game-based learning. More specifically, a book-based AR app is designed to allow each student to learn biology interestingly. The developed system delivers nearly 85% level of accuracy and provides more advantages for students. They are effective and efficient learning, teaching via visual materials, and practical.

Keyphrases: Augment Reality, Gamification, image processing

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