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Experimental Study on Bending Machine for Elastic Material

EasyChair Preprint no. 5582

8 pagesDate: May 21, 2021


In a modern engineering era, various machines, technologies, processing techniques and manufacturing processes are helpful to the creation of a new world. As the beginning of engineering, there are very complicated and difficult methods and processes or techniques used, but, as the past time over manufacturing processes or methods is quite simplest. manufacturing is the production of workpieces having defined geometric shapes. It is one of the most important production technologies, other technologies are process technology (production of chemical act.) and energy technology (production of electricity). Bending is one of the most important commonly used things in manufacturing processes and methods are available in an existing market. In that, a certain amount of magnitude bending force is specially applied to a specified point or surface. Due to the Bending force, the Bending operation is performed at a particular point or surface area. The various types of Bending operations, methods or processes of existing procedures or manufacturing techniques are applied to the various types of material properties such as Plasticity, Rigidity, Durability, Ductility and so on. The Bending process or operation is doesn’t carriedout and Performanced on the Elasticity based material such as rubber, steel cables, spring and so on. The heating process is also performed or used for a Bending operation in a Bending machine. The heating of the metal pulley, rollers or bending surfaces. The surface is heated at a predetermined temperature. The benefit of heating is easily bend elastic materials. And it does not need any extra cooling methods or it can cool at surrounding room temperature itself. Nowadays, we can produce a bending machine which can be helped to a bend of elastic material also such as rubber and so on. It is easier with the help of the heating process.

Keyphrases: elastic, heating, Manufacturing, material, processing, production, Technologies

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