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Discussion on top frame and key technologies of intelligent heavy-duty train

EasyChair Preprint no. 895

6 pagesDate: April 13, 2019


This paper presents the development of artificial intelligence in the countries of the world and the intelligent monitoring of heavy haul trains in China and abroad. The intelligent monitoring top frame of heavy haul trains is designed from the perspectives of internet of things and big data, and the whole monitoring system is divided into four sections, as on-board monitoring system (heavy haul car), ground monitoring system, car and ground data transmission system (car to ground) and ground data processing center, of which the formation, working principle and key technologies have been explained respectively. It is necessary to monitoring the conditions of heavy trains, such as hunting performance, braking system, bottom door mechanism and couplers, from the view of operation safety and maintenance cost. The last part of the paper presents that BHP company using ore car maintenance model to optimize the maintenance period and apply condition-based maintenance based on big data, which have practical significance for maintenance cost reduction of condition-based maintenance.

Keyphrases: Framework, Heavy-duty train, intelegent monitoring, Technologies

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