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E-Systems for Smart Cities: Harnessing Digital Technologies for Sustainable Urban Development

EasyChair Preprint no. 10554

8 pagesDate: July 13, 2023


As urban areas all over the planet wrestle with the difficulties of fast urbanization and the requirement for supportable turn of events, the idea of shrewd urban areas has acquired huge consideration. Savvy urban areas influence progressed computerized advances to upgrade the effectiveness, reasonableness, and generally personal satisfaction for their inhabitants. This examination paper investigates the job of e-frameworks, incorporating different electronic frameworks and advanced stages, in changing customary metropolitan conditions into shrewd and manageable urban areas. The paper starts by giving an outline of the vital parts and qualities of shrewd urban communities, featuring the incorporation of Web of Things, huge information examination, man-made reasoning (artificial intelligence), and distributed computing. It then, at that point, digs into the meaning of e-frameworks in supporting and empowering the crucial parts of shrewd urban communities, including brilliant administration, transportation, energy the board, foundation, public administrations, and resident commitment. Moreover, the examination researches the difficulties and potential open doors related with the execution of e-frameworks with regards to shrewd urban areas. These difficulties range from innovative interoperability and information security worries to the computerized gap and network safety chances. The paper proposes methodologies and structures to address these difficulties, underscoring the requirement for hearty administration models, public-private organizations, and resident driven approaches. Additionally, the examination investigates a few contextual analyses and best practices from urban communities at the very front of shrewd city drives. These models grandstand the fruitful arrangement of e-frameworks to upgrade metropolitan supportability, further develop asset productivity, streamline transportation organizations, and engage residents through computerized stages.

Keyphrases: digital technologies, E-Systems, Smart Cities, urban development

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