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Can CALL or TELL Replace Teachers

EasyChair Preprint no. 2311

5 pagesDate: January 4, 2020


When people come to know that I have done my research on 'Language Laboratory", the immediate question that was shot me was"Does a language Lab replace a teacher!!? This was the common question that I always had to answer- whether it was my Ph.D. viva voce,interview or an academic discussion. I am trying to give an answer to this question through this paper. Digital technology can never replace a teacher, now or later but it could be the best tool or a teacher's assistant,playing a supportive role which can make valuable impact on learning outcomes. Technology can add real value to the classroom by handling tasks that a teacher cannot do-whether through lack of time, or resources-and its important, for teachers to embrace technology with a positive spirit. Proactive relationships with the technology can help the teacher and their learners.

Keyphrases: CALL, classroom, laboratory, teacher, Technology, TELL

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