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Suitable Decision using Decision Support System for Energy Saving

EasyChair Preprint no. 2380

9 pagesDate: January 14, 2020


Decision Support System (DSS) is a system that facilitates the process of decision making by breaking down a complex problem into simple components. Main points that can be taken into consideration when examining various Decision making system literature related to E&E are the selection of appropriate method, selection of criteria to be used and the widely distributed application areas. The motivation behind this study is designing such a Decision Support System (DSS) that enables experts and end user to take proper decision in any field for energy saving. The decision support system established in this study integrates potential evaluations, cost analyses, legal incentives, and analysis of returns on investments with the construction of Data Warehouse and Data Mart. Various soft computing techniques: Artificial Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, and Evolutionary Algorithm etc. can be used to make the system Intelligent.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Network, Data Mining, data-driven modeling, Energy, Hydrology

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