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Development of Model of Integration Potential of Participants of Project

EasyChair Preprint no. 3309

4 pagesDate: April 30, 2020


Projects of complex multifunctional objects, which are characterized by a large number of participants, are prone to integration risks. An important reason for reducing the success of such projects may be the risks of disruption of integration ties between participants. Breaking the integration link and leaving a project participant can have extremely negative consequences, almost stopping the project. A new approach to qualitative risk analysis is proposed to prevent integration risks. In the course of the research, a model of project participants' integration potential was developed based on the use of quality management methods such as Pareto analysis, ABC analysis to identify the participants with the highest number of integration links and project management tools, namely cash flow calculation, for determining the capacity of integration links between participants. The combination of the results obtained is the basis for creating a matrix of integration potential of project participants. The use of the proposed approach to qualitative risk analysis of the integration gap between project participants at the beginning of the project will allow identifying participants with high integration potential. The integration links of these participants must be further analyzed, as leaving such a participant in the project can significantly affect the success of the project.

Keyphrases: analysis, Integration, Risks

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