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Building an Interoperable, Open, and Patient-Centric Global Architecture for Personal Health Data Management

EasyChair Preprint no. 10538

16 pagesDate: July 11, 2023


The paper explores the development of an interoperable, open, patient-centred global architecture for managing personal health data. The contemporary health ecosystem comprises data silos and disparate legacy systems that restrict effective health information exchange among physicians, patients, and other stakeholders. Collaboration, data-driven decision-making, and holistic patient care become complicated, resulting in inefficiencies and redundancies in the healthcare system. Moreover, patients often lack control over their medical records, exposing them to privacy breaches. Inspired by the transformation in other industries, this research proposes leveraging emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, application programming interfaces, mobile-first interactions, big data, and artificial intelligence, to promote Health 3.0 data architecture. We propose building a global open data architecture highlighting data interoperability, open standards, identity management, and data ownership to address these challenges. The study explores the feasibility of such an architecture in promoting open participation from service providers while maintaining security, privacy, and compliance. Additionally, it explores potential applications and business models that could emerge from this architecture, including remote healthcare, precision medicine, health recovery applications, AI-assisted diagnosis, clinical plans, and dynamic insurance pricing schemes. This investigation also explores the necessary structural incentives to encourage private sector participation. The goal is to build an ecosystem that empowers patients, improves holistic healthcare provision, and promotes innovation in the healthcare sector.

Keyphrases: data ownership, Healthcare 3.0, Innovation, Interoperability, Patient-centric

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