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A Business Culture Quantitative Analysis Method

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12 pagesDate: June 1, 2020


 The paper reveals multidimensional nature of enterprises business culture. The results of investigation show that business culture (BC) is a complex phenomenon, which is characterized by many aspects (dimensions). As now there are no uniform objective ways of business culture evaluation, the authors of these have proposed a unique business culture quantitative assessment method for enterprises. This method based on clusters of indicators that grouped according to the business culture components (professional, intellectual, informational, social, legal, technical and technological, communicative). The procedure for calculating each cluster key indicators is based on the principles of Boolean algebra. Obtained values of indicators are used in special calculation formulas proposed by authors. Questionnaire for calculating procedure business culture indicators was made. Options for interpreting the results of indicators calculation according to formulas are presented. An analysis of the business culture of the group of enterprises, based on the proposed quantitative method, was carried out.

Keyphrases: assessment, business culture, Dimensions, indicators calculating procedure, quantitative analysis

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