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Cyber Security: a Major Issues and Their Remedies

EasyChair Preprint no. 6051

9 pagesDate: July 11, 2021


Machine learning is one among the widely used techniques in the field of COMPUTER SCIENCE, and it finds wide applications in CYBERSECURITY, natural language processing, image processing, pattern recognition and other fields. Despite successful applications of machine learning techniques in various cases like intrusion detection, DATA SECURITY, network security and cyber security, the performance of such techniques significantly decreases because these machine learning algorithms and EQUIVALENT TRAINING data are susceptible to various SECURITY ATTACKS. This calls for in depth analysis of security threats and related defensive techniques of machine learning intensively which leads to the motivation of this review paper. An exploratory research on the existing methodology of machine learning techniques are studied and the research gap in the field of adaption of machine learning DEFENSIVE TECHNIQUES to cybersecurity is analyzed.

Keyphrases: Algorithms, Cybersecurity, data analysis, Defensive Techniques, IT-Attacks, machine learning, Obsolete-Content, social

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