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Applicability of non-intensive innovation in the coffee, guava and raw sugar cane production in Colombia

EasyChair Preprint no. 479

5 pagesDate: September 1, 2018


The present research article highlights some of the findings of the junior research group. Its aim is to show the findings from a systematic literature revision about non-intensive innovation practices in the coffee, guava and raw sugar cane distribution chains at a national level; in this way, the aim is to study the variables or factors that could be related to slight innovation, in each of the named products.With regards to the products that are analyzed in this research, coffee is considered a dynamic product in the Colombian economy that contributes to economic evolution, job creation and to the stability of the coffee producing regions of the country; thus, evidence from the year 2017 showed that it was a product that highly contributed to the growth of the Colombian economy. However, even though coffee is one the most recognized products worldwide and of the national economy, the new world economic dynamics, in the case of the coffee sector, brought a substantial decrease in the participation of the GDP in the last years.On the other hand, in the case of guava and in relation to light innovation there was hardly any evidence in Colombia and Latin America according to the literature review. Instead, many cases about technological innovation where found, as well as improvements in water usage, organic compost application, genetic improvement and the prevention of frost-bites in guava crops. Finally, with regards to raw sugar cane, it was found that production significantly changed in the last few years, given the improvements in terms of quality and transformation of the product. Furthermore, the time of the productive process has been minimized, associative work between actors has been implemented and there have been improvements in the marketing strategies in order to respond to market demands.

Keyphrases: coffee, Guava, Innovation, NON-INTENSIVE INNOVATION, RAW SUGAR CANE

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