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Interaction Design of Softwares: An HCI Perspective

EasyChair Preprint no. 4122

9 pagesDate: September 1, 2020


It has been observed that the products and systems which make us feel good by their design and interface are easier to deal with and prove to be more productive and useful for us and in some or other way design plays a vital role for software application while interaction of human with computer hardware design and various systems software & Application software designs. Almost every digital interface comprises of three types of design which portray the identity of organization, i.e. Visual design, Content design and Interaction design. Visual design receives more importance from the digital teams while the interaction design is considered of little to no value. Moreover complex and difficult designs create the hindrance in understanding of the human which affects the interaction and ultimately resulting in the failure of the product. The most popular companies are focusing on graphical and user-friendly interfaces so as to make their products successful by satisfying the needs of a user. HCI is more emphasis on the cognitive approach of the human to understand their needs and design according to them. This is the main reason of importance the HCI is increasing tremendously. The software application interaction design mood so this research is wholly focused on how a software application design affects the human while interacting with computer because In design and development phases of software projects the properties of human which is an important agent for interaction Such as behavioral cognitive perceptive efficiency and physical factors have to be considered.

Keywords: HCI - Human Computer Interaction, Interaction, Human, Design, Digital Devices IOT (Internet of things), Smart devices, Real time environment, AS (Application Software), GUI - Graphical User Interface & (CBS Component based system.)

Keyphrases: GUI-Graphical User Interface, HCI Human Computer Interaction, IoT Internet of Things

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