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Image and Object Recognition

EasyChair Preprint no. 3655

6 pagesDate: June 21, 2020


In the past years, the production of the hardware and software image processing system was  limited to the development of the interface, in which most of the programmers from every firms were engaged in. The scenario were significantly switched with the coming up of the Windows operating system when the majority of the engineers switched to solving the problems of image processing themselves. However, this has not yet led to the important progress in solving difficult tasks of identifying faces, car numbers, road signs, analysing remote and medical images, etc. Each of those "eternal" problems are solved by trial and error by the efforts of diverse groups of the engineers and scientists. Within the field of image processing, the required tools should be supporting the analysis and recognition of images of previously unknown content and make sure the successful developing of programs by ordinary programmers even as the Windows toolkit supports the creation of interfaces for solving various applied problems. Recognition of object involves various tasks of computer vision which include activities like identifying objects in digital photographs. Image classification involves activities like predicting the Category of one object in a picture.

Object localization refers to identifying the position of one or more objects in a picture and drawing an abounding box around their extent. Object detection does the work of combining these two tasks and localizes and classifies one or more objects in an image. When a user says the term “object recognition“, he generally means

“object detection“.

Keyphrases: image processing, image recognition, object recognition

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