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Sniffer mail

EasyChair Preprint no. 4731

12 pagesDate: December 9, 2020


One of the essential services on the internet is the Email Service. The Email server can be vulnerable to several types of cyber-attacks. This research aims to analyze and improve the Email service. This mail is the process of following the path and function performed by the receiver on the received mail. The development of this system serves as a secure way of mailing. The tracking and notification feature is aimed at providing proof of reading mail. The Notification Messages can be sent to either sender's mail Id or if given to the sender's mobile phone. The retractable emails are aimed at providing a means by which the sender can delete his mail even after sending it. This can be used when a person sends a mail to the wrong mail id. The block backup feature provides a means of preventing printing, saving, and copying the mail contents. This can be used for secured mails that are not intended for manipulation. Then self destructible mail is also a similar security add-on but in a different context. This feature aims at preventing achieving of the mails in the receiver's mailbox folders. The whole system's working style is abstract to the end-user and provides a feature-rich secured way of mailing.

Keyphrases: Decryption, Encryption, key, RSA algorithm

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