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Development of AI-Enhanced Information Technology Program: Preparing Today’s Students in AI Era

EasyChair Preprint no. 4049

5 pagesDate: August 17, 2020


The Commission on Higher Education (CHED), which oversees higher education institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines, mandates HEIs to contribute to nation building by producing experts, knowledge, and technological innovations that can be resources for long-term development processes in a globalized context. In this light, St. Paul University Philippines (SPUP) considers rethinking its curricula by developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Enhanced Information Technology (IT) Program foreseeing what is certain to be an outpouring of student interest about AI. This “AI-enhanced program” for “AI-driven world” anchored with spiritual dimension of mankind and the core values of the University, has been developed in a way that it leaves a legacy of positive impact to humanity. The program is values-oriented, underpinned with quality Catholic Paulinian education sealed with the indelible identity of Christ-centeredness in the form of articulation of learning outcomes through Paulinianism; commission in forming global citizens; charism in terms of internationalization of the curriculum; charity in aiming for global impact; and community in terms of promotion of sustainable communities and the environment. To see the program in context, the study aimed to come up with a development model underpinned with the major components and key factors collaboratively identified by stakeholders intended to shape the program from development and successful implementation.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, labor market

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