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Understanding The MeToo Movement Through The Lens Of The Twitter

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14 pagesDate: August 30, 2020


In recent years, social media has provided platforms for raising the voice against sexual harassment (SH). The MeToo movement is one such online movement that aims to show the magnitude of this stigmatized issue in society. In particular, on Twitter, which is the focus of this study, has attracted a large number of tweets from all over the world regarding the MeToo movement. The studies of the MeToo movement ocus on the SH and sexual assault (SA) incidents but fails to analyze its other hidden facets. In this work, we perform micro-analysis of the MeToo movement using tweets and present a descriptive analysis coupled with micro and macro level tweets analysis in order to reveal and understand the diverse subtopics of the MeToo movement. In addition, we also identify and characterize varied user-groups derived through social network analysis. We find that users discussing a similar facet forms a strong community. Some of the facets out of many being discovered are as follows (1) SH incidents reporting is high for people of color; (2) discussion over color often leads to the use of hate and offensive vocabulary; and (3) along with workplaces, domestic SH cases are higher.

Keyphrases: facets, leaders, MeToo, social network analysis, text analysis

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