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Enhancing the Security of Twitter Data Using SRB20 Algorithm

EasyChair Preprint no. 1956

18 pagesDate: November 14, 2019


Today’s world witness the buildup of information through social media like Twitter and Facebook that are tremendously growing day by day. Exploitation these social media users tweet on several topics from anywhere within the world through the web. Tweet is employed to investigate positive and negative tweets to create polarity scores and additionally in predicting the long run. These polarity scores can be extracted from Twitter although polarity score knowledge are placed below security. Hacking the info simply and dynamic the score results cause immeasurable problems like affecting the economic status worldwide, company product, and therefore the name of corporations. To tackle these problems Daniel Bernstein proposed a family of Salsa which has quicker cryptography because of quarter round with better information security. In the present work, a novel algorithm is proposed by modifying the Salsa20/4 to enhance further the security of the polarity scores, an important requirement of the present world. The proposed algorithm has three stages. The first stage consists of column operations, second stage is secret key and the third stage is constructing the diagonal keys in N-1 steps. The proposed algorithm is tested with different file sizes to calculate the encryption time. The results show that the proposed encryption algorithm takes relatively large execution time but provides high data security when compared to that of the existing algorithms of Salsa20/4, SRB18, and SRB19.

Keyphrases: Decryption, Encryption, polarity, SALSA, Security, SRB

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