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Classification and Fusion of Two Disparate Data Streams and Nuclear Dissolutions Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 8172

8 pagesDate: June 1, 2022


We consider two streams of data or measurements with disparate qualities and time resolutions that need to be classified. The first stream consists of higher quality data at a coarser time resolution, and the other consists of lower quality data at a finer time resolution. We present a fuser-switch method that fuses the set of classifiers of each stream separately and switches between them. We show that this method provides classification decisions at a finer time resolution with superior detection and false alarm probabilities compared to individual classifiers, under the statistical independence and time resolution ratio conditions. When classifiers are trained using machine learning methods, we show that this superior performance is guaranteed with a confidence probability specified by the classifiers' generalization equations. We use these results to provide analytical foundations for previous practical results that achieved significant performance improvements in classifying Pu/Np target dissolution events at a radiochemical processing facility.

Keyphrases: Classifier, dissolutions, Fuser, generalization equation, radiochemical facility, ROC, statistical independence, time resolution

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