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E-Commerce Website (Pharmacy E-Store)

EasyChair Preprint no. 5384

5 pagesDate: April 25, 2021


Nowadays a website for e-Commerce has given the traditional companies much more opportunities in contacting customers more easily, implementing business to the new market, e-Commerce, increasing the profit, and gaining competitiveness. Even though lots of studies have given efforts to examine website quality factors affecting e- Commerce success and measuring it, there is a lack of scarcity of models for suggesting website development strategy for e-Commerce Success.

The aim of this paper is to design and implement a web- based application of E- Commerce website on Pharmacy stores. The proposed system aims to speed up the process of buying and selling Medicines and Health care products with efficiency. the electronic pharmacy system supports the safety and security. Like in this lockdown and pandemic situation e-commerce helps the citizens around the country because an online shopping system permits a customer to buying and selling online through e-commerce.

Keyphrases: e-commerce website, Pandemic, Pharmacy, Website Development

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