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Multicriteria Approach in Developing Pedestrian Network Data for Sustainable Urban Mobility

EasyChair Preprint no. 9859

8 pagesDate: March 11, 2023


Building a reliable Infrastructure is a continuous activity, improving the accessibility to the known areas and connecting the origin to destinations with various modes of transportation. Having safe and secure pedestrian movement ensures sustainable urban mobility. Therefore, the study includes an approach for multi-criteria evaluation to reach from origin to destination. Factors strongly correlating that will affect the walkability were considered, including climatic conditions, type of network (crossings, pedestrian bridges, shared use, footpath), land use etc. which will affect the distance and time of the walkability. After capturing & tracing all the footpath locations in GIS for the most populated areas, the percentage of land use provides insights into typical pedestrian movements for a specific period of the day. Pedestrian movement is categorised into various levels and focused on locations of interest where huge volume travels a particular area at the same time & travel distance, which leads to analysing required infrastructure considering safety and convenience aspect such as availability of sufficient footpath width, availability of streetlights, locating a bus stops/ public transport etc. as an initial experiment using the above criteria for a known location such as a metro station was considered which will result in building more confidence on the factors and their integrity. The study will aid as a tool in designing and constructing infrastructure projects which will ensure the maintenance of seamless pedestrian connectivity & incorporate necessary assets within the project. Better connectivity will encourage people to walk further, safely & use public transportation facilities more often.

Keyphrases: GIS, Pedestrians Network, sustainable infrastructure, Urban Connectivity, Walkability

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