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Secure File Sharing with Access Control Using Blockchain

EasyChair Preprint no. 9855

4 pagesDate: March 9, 2023


There are currently only a few keywords  available for blockchain-based crypto searches. Blockchain decentralized storage allows users to decentralize their data without a centralized server. Cloud servers and users experience mutual distrust for fear of  losing control of  the personal data entrusted to them. Secret service providers are unable to evaluate your personal information in the current circumstances. One of the most common problems  was finding an encrypted cloud service.Contrarily, because the traditional cloud storage approach uses centralized storage, a single point of failure might bring the entire system to a standstill. The emergence of blockchain technology has actually led to a greater level of public awareness of decentralized storage. Decentralized storage has several advantages over central storage, including low cost and quick throughput, and it can address the issue of a single point of failure in traditional cloud storage systems. The only person who can download the material and decode it is someone whose features comply with the accessibility policy. The data owner has fine-grained access control over his or her information, and the project offers an attribute-level retraction of a specific data individual without affecting others.To further protect the privacy of the data subject, a cryptographic keyword search is performed upon receipt of the data. We also conducted a thorough analysis of processing and storage costs to demonstrate the effectiveness.

Keyphrases: Blockchain, Ciphertext, cloud service, Encryption, High Security

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